Outfits For One Move

Moving all the designs, and features to one place.

These posts shall be continues on postingvprojects.blogspot.com. it features lifestyle, design, etc. posts.

This goes along with other projects, that also feature along this blog (Pr5 this blog is - yikes).
All explained soon.

For now, may you feel free to view Posting V Projects.

May you take care, and hope to include designs there soon.

Feel free to view:

Thank you! And enjoy.

Outfits For One  is souly based on design for clothing, accessories and more.
As a blog, it shall show design by 'N. Dylans + Co'. 
An graduate in Art and Design.

Keep viewing.
Thank You.
Stephanieronalds1 by ~keelo15 on deviantART
Winter Wear by ~keelo15 on deviantART

Story: Out To A Ball, specialist for New Headwear Celebration with matching outfit

By: N. Dylans + Co, 2013, Winter Wear

Availiable as Print: keelo15@dA